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What we do:

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the process which helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations. 

Leadership roles may be formal, with the corresponding authority to make decisions and take responsibility, or they may be informal roles with little official authority (e.g. a member of a team who influences team engagement, purpose and direction; a lateral peer who must listen and negotiate through influence). 

Available Programmes:

Next Programme Commences:

April 2024 (TBC)

Classroom and virtual options

Is a Leadership course for me?

Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of an organization's strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others. 

In order to deliver optimal Leadership Development at all levels within an organisation,    Chapel House have developed a unique modular approach, ensuring that you are able to access the training, which most appropriately scaffolds your development.

Any of the modules we offer may be taken independently, in order to strengthen a particular skill, or by undertaking a series, you will become eligable to complete an internationally recognised  qualification.      

For new or aspiring managers our modules lead to a level 3 qualification

For middle managers our modules lead to a level 5 qualification

For directors or aspiring directors, our modules lead to either a level 7 or level 8 qualification.  

Whether you are engaging at Level 3, 5, 7 or 8 our programmes are innovative, highly engaging and support learners to operate safely, effectively and appropriately in their business or organisational setting.

All our accredited programmes can also be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific learning and development needs.


Level 3: Leadership Programme

Our Level 3 programmes are for individuals looking to progress from being a team member to a team leader or those with management responsibilities but no formal management training or qualification.

This programme gives learners understanding of key leadership and management skills designed to raise personal awareness and improve operational efficiency.

Each module is led by an experienced trainer with a wealth of practical industry experience.

What will I get out of the programme?

  • The communication and motivational skills needed to lead productive teams. 
  • An understanding of the roles and responsibilities required for managers.
  • Develop your ability to confidently manage relationships.
  • Develop your leadership skills using your own knowledge, values and motivations. 
  • Encourage operational thinking to foster business improvement.

Level 5: Leadership Programme

Our Level 5 programmes are designed for experienced team leaders or mid-level managers looking for further develop their skills and experience and move into more senior level roles.

Throughout the programme learners will hone their personal leadership capability and their skills in business analysis, decision-making and people management.

Each module is led by an experienced trainer with a wealth of practical industry experience.

What will I get out of the programme?

  • The ability to use core management techniques to drive better results
  • Develop your ability to lead, motivate and inspire.
  • The provision of strategic leadership in harmony with day-to-day management.
  • Benchmark your managerial skills.
  • Raise your profile in your organisation.
  • Better relationships and communication across
  • Measurable results: workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to your business.