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What we do:

Coaching Services:

Chapel House has a team of highly experienced leadership and executive coaches with proven track records of building effective coaching relationships with clients.
Coaching provides dedicated time for individuals, teams and organisations to explore business related ideas and challenges alongside personal development topics with the goal of improving performance.
For the majority, coaching is a powerful experience that uses dialogue to explore perceptions, challenges, blocks, frustrations, strengths and opportunities in order to move forward and achieve their personal and professional potential.
Recent evaluative studies regarding the impact of coaching in organisations show a demonstrable return on investment of between 300 and 700%.

Corporate / Organisational Commissions 

Whether we are commissioned by a client organisation to work with one person or many, our approach is to collaborate with you to understand your drivers for the coaching intervention and ensure that we deliver demonstrable outcomes for the individual(s) being coached, the commissioners, and the organisation as a whole. 
Whether you are looking for coaching as a stand-alone service or would like to explore supporting the intervention with psychometric profiling or 360 / 180-degree feedback we have a comprehensive range of coaching packages available that can be tailored to suit your organisational requirements and deliver ROI.

Personal Commissions 

We work extensively with individuals who are looking for a coach to help them develop both personally and professionally. As with our corporate clients there are a range of coaching packages that can be designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. 


Chapel House was instrumental in helping me realise, that the business was underpowered from a senior leadership perspective and that this was forcing me to operate too much in the detail.  
The coaching helped me "get my head up"  and realise that I needed to strengthen the team without damaging the positive culture of the organisation that we had worked so hard to create.  
I have now competely rebuilt my team and we are working well together.