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What we do:

Coaching and Mentoring

Increasingly the business view of Coaching and Mentoring has moved from it being ‘nice to have’ to being ‘need to have’. This view is further supported by extensive research showing that coaching and mentoring can deliver return on investment in the region of 300 - 700%. Our award-winning Coach and Mentor training programmes will support your professional development journey no matter how coaching fits with your current or aspirational role.

Available Programmes:

Next Programme Commences:

Monday 3rd June 2024

Classroom and virtual options


Is a Coaching & Mentoring course for me?

Whether you are:
  • An existing coach seeking an internationally recognised qualification
  • Looking to add coaching to your portfolio offer
  • A consultant or business advisor wishing to scaffold your professional practice with coaching and mentoring skills
  • A leader or manager seeking to develop your own coaching practice
  • A HR or OD practitioner tasked with setting up an organisational coaching & mentoring scheme
  • An organisational coach or mentor seeking to develop your professional toolkit

Our internationally acclaimed programme gives learners the opportunity to develop this business-critical skill set. Whether you are engaging at Level 3, 5 or 7, our programmes are innovative, highly engaging and support learners to operate safely, effectively and appropriately in their business or organisational setting.

Why choose Chapel House for your Coaching & Mentoring qualification

Authentic, caring and invested in you.

We understand that you have choices when selecting your professional development partner.

At Chapel House our aim is to be your trusted learning partner, supporting you throughout your Coaching and Mentoring development journey and building a long-term relationship, invested in your personal and professional growth.

Over 20 years of experience as coaches and mentors has led us to the conclusion that done well, Coaching and Mentoring are powerful tools. But that same experience tells us that it takes time and practice to hone those skills. This belief led us to design our Coach and Mentor development programmes in a modular format blending highly experiential tutor led sessions with personal reflection, supported practice and development in your own environment.

Our hybrid delivery environment offers complete flexability, attend in person, join virtually or combine as necessary to fit your schedule.

Chapel House remains by your side throughout your learning journey, providing regular tutorials, group coaching supervision sessions and subject related masterclasses, which you can access throughout your journey towards your chosen qualification.

The goal of coaching is good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources - Harvard Business Review


Level 3: Effective Coaching & Mentoring Skills.

The programme provides a strong foundation for individuals wishing to apply coaching and mentoring in their day-to-day leadership or management practice or who are looking to operate effectively as an organisational coach or mentor.

In addition to developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by a professional coach or mentor learners will:

  • Understand how to manage coaching and mentoring processes using industry recognised models, theories, and tools
  • Put their new skills into practice by carrying out regular coaching practice during the taught modules plus observed and supervised coaching or mentoring sessions after the taught phase concludes
  • Engage in ongoing reflection and review of their coaching or mentoring practice in order to improve their professional practice

Level 5: Coaching & Mentoring for Managers.

This programme is aimed at people development professionals operating in organisations, those responsible for running or setting up coaching & mentoring schemes individuals looking to operate as independent coaches or managers seeking to add coaching and mentoring skills to their portfolio.

In addition to building an effective foundation in coaching and mentoring skills we will also explore the complexity of operating as a coach or mentor in an organisational setting. Learners engaging in this programme will:

  • Understand the principles of managing a coaching or mentoring process within an organisational context
  • Gain insight into how the organisational context can affect coaching or mentoring
  • Explore how organisations can build a coaching and mentoring culture so that individuals can improve their performance and organisational productivity
  • Be able to present the business case for coaching and mentoring in their own organisational context
  • Understand how to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of coaching and mentoring in an organisational context
  • Be able to assess your own skills, knowledge and behaviours as a coach and mentor
  • Put their new skills into practice by carrying out regular coaching practice during the taught modules plus continued observed and supervised coaching or mentoring sessions after the taught phase concludes
  • Review their own coaching and mentoring skills through the development of reflective practice and a professional development plan

Level 7: Executive and Senior Level Coaching & Mentoring.

Designed for senior staff or independent coaches coaching and mentoring individuals operating at senior or strategic level. In addition to developing a comprehensive coaching and mentoring tool-kit the qualification explores organisational dynamics, leadership behaviours and organisational politics and the impact these can have on the delivery of effective coaching or mentoring interventions.

Learners engaging with this programme will:

  • Understand the strategic purposes of coaching and mentoring at an executive or senior level
  • Analyse the knowledge, skills, behaviours and practices necessary for effective coaching or mentoring at an executive or senior level
  • Understand the intricacies of delivering coaching and mentoring interventions in complex working environments or at an executive or senior level
  • Explore the commercial opportunities of operating as an executive coach or mentor and consider how to develop their own USP
  • Develop the skills to create an organisational coaching and mentoring culture in which senior managers and leaders demonstrate their commitment to supporting their own and others’ development and performance improvement
  • Gain insight into the psychology that underpins the taught theories, models and concepts
  • Consider ethical practice when operating as a coach at executive or senior levels
  • Plan, deliver and review their own effective coaching or mentoring at an executive or senior level
  • Develop their professional practice by carrying out regular coaching or mentoring throughout the taught modules followed by onward observed and supervised coaching or mentoring sessions after the taught phase concludes
  • Be able to plan own future professional development activities as a coach or mentor operating at an executive or senior level